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Custom Single Station App

Custom Single Station App

Multi Station App

Multi Station App

Individual App via RadioMax Aggregated App

Individual App via RadioMax Aggregated App

The  mobile platform we provide to independent radio stations helps drive new  revenue with your existing and new advertisers, captures digital  advertising dollars, drives more interactions with your promotions and  events, and provides some very impressive data to enhance any campaigns  you are doing on-air...yes, the mobile platform we provide can drive  more results from your on-air campaigns.  

3 App Options Available

  1. White Label Single App:  This option provides the station the ability to have their very own App. 

  2. White Label Multi Station App: The ability to join all of your company Radio Stations under one app controlled by you.   

  3. Aggregate Style: A full custom app on the RadioMax platform.  

Our Goal

  • Create multiple new revenue opportunities for your station

  • Elevate the independent radio experience to a new level by facilitating real-time connections, engagements and interactions between stations and their listeners, with your own custom mobile experience

  • Drive new listenership by providing fans with tools to discover your content

  • Provide your station with mobile analytics to know: who’s listening, from where, and for how long, plus many other valuable data points and metrics – both real-time and historical


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The Problem:

  • Building and managing a high-quality independent radio station app to capitalize on ever-increasing mobile consumption trends is both expensive and time consuming

  • Valuable digital advertising metrics and data points are not widely available for independent stations to access and view (radio is only capturing 7% of digital ad dollars)

  • Generating revenue from a mobile app is challenging

How RadioMax Can Help:

RadioMax is a low-cost custom mobile app radio solution that enables independent radio stations to generate new revenue, and deliver a premium in-app user experience with rich engagement tools and interactive features:

  • We can deliver instant calls-to-action with meaningful and impactful responses on your mobile app at the exact time a commercial, promo, or song plays on-air, and it is all tracked and measured.

     (Yes...at the exact moment an ad or song is playing on-air, your app can be triggered to deliver a visual and actionable experience that allows the listener to take immediate action on what they are hearing on-air. It works!)

  • Real-time chat between DJs & listeners

  •  Integrated social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram) without leaving station’s app

  •  Polls & Contests

  •  Programming schedule with mobile alerts

  •  Access to weather, news and podcasts

  •  Intuitive administrative dashboard