Monetize Digital Advertising

RadioMax amplifies standard digital advertising by providing stations with a contextual ad inventory that displays automatically on a listeners phone while using their app: SmartAd Technology.

Valuable digital advertising metrics and data points are not typically widely available for independent stations to access and view (radio is only capturing 7% of digital ad dollars).  However, RadioMax allows stations to capture digital advertising dollars by providing and ensuring...

  • High customer engagements
  • Data on Ad Attribution and Measurement for ROI on media spend
  • Cost per Action vs cost per impression - performance based!
  • Contextual Calls to Action
  • Providing clients & brands with valuable listener demographics - each mobile user is verifiable

The success in the ability to monetize digital advertising with SmartAd technology comes from the ability of the listener to take action in the moment; an accelerated path to action; real-time data; and proof of delivery.

SmartAds are “Right Person at Right Time + Radio plays Call to Action”. Audio + Digital = Deeper Engagement & Higher Revenues.